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Your Association for Pet Food Safety

The Association for Truth in Pet Food – sister website of – is an official pet food consumer stakeholder group that works to provide pet food consumers a voice within the pet food regulatory process and with pet food manufacturers themselves. We encourage all pet food consumers to become members to support our efforts.

Voice for Consumers in the Regulatory Process

Our Association has established advisory positions on two AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) Committees; the Pet Food Committee and the Ingredient Definitions Committee. AAFCO develops model pet food regulations that become law in most states. Our positions within AAFCO provide consumers a voice as new regulations are being developed. Previous to these positions being established, only industry representatives (via their trade associations) held advisory positions at AAFCO. This effort took us several years, but we are now there – a voice for the pet food consumer.

As well, our Association has been recognized by FDA authorities as a industry stakeholder group (consumers). Previous to the organization of the Association for Truth in Pet Food, FDA ignored requests for meetings with consumer representatives.  Since our development in early 2013, we have been provided several phone conferences and several face to face meetings with FDA administration. Our most recent meeting was July 31, 2018 – providing two pet food consumers with a face to face meeting with FDA representatives.

Membership dues pay admission and travel expenses to attend two AAFCO meetings a year for two Association advocates (Susan Thixton and B.C. Henschen).

Ongoing work towards pet food transparency

The Association’s most significant effort is The Pledge to Quality and Origin. This ongoing effort is providing pet food consumers with transparency unlike anything that has ever been achieved in pet food. Click Here to learn more about the Pledge and view the Pledges we have received.

Giving consumers a voice with pet food

We represent our members when they are left without answers from their pet food company.  Two examples are…

  1. A pet food retailer member recently reported to us a few of their clients dogs had gotten sick from a particular pet food. Nothing serious (loose stool) but still concerning. This store owner had no success in getting the pet food company to respond to questions. The next day we received notice from another member retailer reporting several sick dogs (same symptoms) with the very same pet food. They as well were not successful with getting a response from the pet food company. Contact was made by the Association on their behalf in which both store owners were provided with a complete explanation to the lack of contact and the issue with the pet food. Both store owners felt confident this company took the proper action in protecting their clients.
  2. A pet food consumer member contacted us with a concern of a pet food’s shipping problem. This consumer purchased the pet food directly from the manufacturer, the product is a soft food shipped in plastic containers. During shipping, some of the pet food packages had become slightly damaged causing the seal on the containers to be broken.  Damaged seals on the moist pet food allowed bacteria to grow – swelling the containers.  Had this consumer not noticed the slightly swelled containers, her pet could have gotten very ill.  She addressed her concerns with this manufacturer and received little more than a form letter response.Contact was made by the Association on this consumers behalf.  The company agreed to including a warning on the label of each product to ‘Do Not Feed if container appears swollen’, however the company did not address the need for improved packaging and shipping containers.

We won the first battle, and a partial win with the second.


Association for Truth in Pet Food organized the largest consumer testing of pet food ever performed. With donations directly from consumers, we raised over $15,000.00 for pet food testing. Click Here to view those results.

We battle the lobby efforts of multi-billion dollar a year industries.  We need your support – your membership – to give pet food consumers a voice and the security of safe pet food that they deserve.

Association for Truth in Pet Food is the voice of concerned pet food consumers.

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