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The consumer funded Pet Food Test Results

Association for Truth in Pet Food announces the publication of The Pet Food Test Results. This history making project is all thanks to some very determined pet food consumers. What we found is truly shocking and sad.

After you read the results – please take the time to email all of your federal and state government representatives.

The Pet Food Test results are provided 3 ways…

  1. An infographic easy to share in social media overview of the results;
  2. A two page easy to print overview of the results;
  3. The full Pet Food Test Results.

Below is the imagine infographic overview of the results…


To view the above image in a separate window, Click Here. Please share this image with other pet food consumers on social media and email to your government representatives.

To view a brief overview of the test results, Click Here.

To view the full test results, Click Here.

Association for Truth in Pet Food wishes to thank everyone for their donation of money or time to this history making project. Let us all hope it is future changing as well.