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Pet Food Test Update

The testing is complete, but the interpretation is not. What we did was not simple positive or negative testing. Nothing about the testing we did was simple. This was very detailed – serious – testing of pet food (from a group of very serious pet food consumers). The last of our testing results was just provided to our scientists from ... Read More »

AAFCO Action Requested

Association for Truth in Pet Food (ATPF) sent a simple question to the pet food agency responsible for state law governing pet food – AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials) – on October 16, 2014. More than a month later, AAFCO has not responded. We asked the simple question…(sent to the chair of the Pet Food Committee and the ... Read More »

Our Day is Very Soon

This is the pre-announcement of our pet food test. Our results will be provided to a world of pet food consumers very soon. Some things you need to know before the big announcement. I know very little of our results at this moment. Test results are coming in (as I type this), and are being interpreted by our experts. Once ... Read More »

The Pet Food Test

The first of its kind!  A massive pet food safety effort managed by our Association.  The Pet Food Test. Never before has a pet food advocacy project like this been taken on. The goal: to raise a minimum of $10,000.00 for pet food testing. Can we do it? After the article was posted regarding the Hong Kong consumer association finding ... Read More »

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