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The term ‘Stakeholder Groups’ is common within pet food regulatory circles.  Stakeholder groups are representatives of a particular industry that work to further the interests of said industry.  As example, the Pet Food Institute is a stakeholder group representing the needs of its members – large manufacturers of pet foods.

Pet food regulatory authorities, FDA (Food and Drug Association) and AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials), consistently seek opinion of  ‘stakeholder groups’ when developing new regulations or altering existing pet food regulations.  Regulators seek stakeholder group opinion in hopes to make the pet food ‘system’ work effectively and fairly for all concerned.  However, a gaping hole in this ‘system’ was being ignored.  Consumers.

Consumers are – by far – the largest pet food stakeholder.  Yet millions of consumers opinions and concerns were being ignored by regulatory authorities.  That is, until we formed our own official stakeholder group – the Association for Truth in Pet Food.

Association for Truth in Pet Food officially began in February 2013.   Immediately after our Association was announced, hundreds of concerned pet food consumers joined.  As we continue to grow membership and a voice with pet food regulatory authorities, pet food safety – worldwide – will improve.

Association for Truth in Pet Food Advocacy Directors – United States
B.C. Henschen
Consumer representative/advisor to AAFCO Pet Food Committee and Ingredient Definitions Committee

Susan Thixton
Consumer representative/former advisor to AAFCO Pet Food Committee and Ingredient Definitions Committee

Cathy Alinovi DVM

Laurie Coger DVM
New York

Patrick Mahaney VMD, CVA, CVJ

International Advocacy Directors
Rodney Habib

Kazuko Tanabe DVM


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