Pet Food Test Update

The testing is complete, but the interpretation is not. What we did was not simple positive or negative testing. Nothing about the testing we did was simple. This was very detailed – serious – testing of pet food (from a group of very serious pet food consumers).

The last of our testing results was just provided to our scientists from the lab. And this was the most detailed testing of our project. I have seen the results, but being completely honest with you – I don’t come close to fully understanding what I’m looking at. Our scientists – who are generously donating their time – are consulting with microbiology experts right now. Once all the consultations are completed, the results can be properly analyzed and that analysis can be put into language we all can understand (myself included).

These last results will be compared with the other testing we performed, and then the final analysis will be done. It is a very time consuming process (you’ll understand when you see it), and again – our scientists are doing this time consuming work as volunteers. We would not have been able to accomplish what we did without them!

Our results will stand up to the strongest of scrutiny. We’ve dotted every ‘i’ and crossed every ‘t’ thus far, we cannot rush the final steps of analysis.

Once analysis is completed, our results will be shared with FDA, AAFCO, State Department of Agricultures, and even the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) – but you will read them first. I’m confident our results will make headline news around the world. But just in case media decides to side with its advertisers, be prepared to share everything in social media. The power of the Internet is ours – to share our testing results with every pet food consumer.

What we have done – pet food consumers – is the most detailed examination of pet food ever performed. So grateful to so many of you who donated to this testing project, and so grateful that two of the most respected scientists in the world volunteered to help us.

As soon as the data is analyzed, I will promptly prepare it in pdf format for everyone to read and share. Results will be posted on and


Susan Thixton
Pet Food Consumer Advocate


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