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Request sent 7/8/15

Message sent via Freshpet Pet Food website contact form.

On behalf of pet food consumers, I am writing requesting information from Freshpet Pet Food to substantiate the roasted meat, grilled meat, human grade ingredients images on numerous pet foods you manufacture. Per the FDA, pet food manufacturers are required to provide information to substantiate label claims – as well, FDA states that “Pet food labeling may not be false or misleading in any particular.” As example, your Freshpet Select Grain Free Tender Chicken with Garden Vegetables Dog Food Recipe pet food includes images of roasted meats and human grade vegetables on the label. Thus, I am requesting information from Freshpet Pet Food to substantiate the roasted, grilled and human grade ingredient images on all of your pet food products (images found on Freshpet Select, Fresh Baked, Nature’s Fresh, and Vital varieties).

To provide full transparency on our end, – a pet food consumer advocacy organization – will be posting all requests for information to substantiate label claims and company responses on our website for all pet food consumers to read.

Pet food consumers await your response to this request for information.

Susan Thixton
Pet Food Consumer Advocate
Association for Truth in Pet Food

The following confirmation displayed when message was sent: “The page at says: Thank you for your comments”

To date, no response received.

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