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The main and most significant goal of Association for Truth in Pet Food will be safe pet foods with truthful and accurate labeling.

Another goal of our Association is testing of pet foods; both random pet food testing and testing of pet foods that are receiving numerous complaints of sick/dying pets.  Any positive test results (to illegal ingredients or illegal levels of ingredients such as vitamins and minerals) will be turned over to FDA and State Department of Agriculture in hopes the product(s) will be recalled/removed from store shelves.  All of our test results will become public information.

Behind the scenes, we have gathered a group of experts to help determine what to test pet foods for.  With a pet food that is receiving numerous pet food complaints, we will send our team of experts a list of symptoms suffered by pets along with the ingredient listing of the suspect pet food/treat.  Our experts can then suggest what to test for – what contaminants or toxins (such as excess vitamins/minerals) could cause such symptoms.  This helps us save money on testing expenses and hopefully will help us find the issue with the pet food quickly.

Last but certainly not least, it is the goal of our Association to provide all pet food consumers with unbiased pet food education.  Future plans include seminars and webinars featuring some of the most knowledgeable pet food experts.

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