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6 Months

It’s been six months we’ve waited on AAFCO & FDA for a decision if they will provide pet food consumers a voice…we felt a video was in order.     Read More »

Ignored, but Not Silent

For years I and many other pet food consumer advocates have asked for regular meetings with FDA.  We have so many questions (frustrations) and wish to provide pet food consumers with a voice with authorities.  And for years these meeting requests have been ignored by FDA. We were provided an opportunity to finally make this happen in mid February 2013.  ... Read More »

Equal Time and Jerky Treat Concerns

It is our first official advocacy effort; first of many.  We have alerted FDA and AAFCO of our association, and asked for equal representation/involvement as other stakeholder groups are provided.  And we have taken to task the jerky treats that remain on store shelves sourced from the same Chinese manufacturers illegal drug residues were found in with FDA and each ... Read More »

Report It! Campaign

One of the most tragic concerns with pet food is:  lack of reporting a suspect contaminated pet food to proper authorities.  Association for Truth in Pet Food announces the Report It! campaign – and we need your help. Every two or three days I get an email from a distraught pet food consumer saying something like this… ‘My cat got ... Read More »

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